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Supporting women from all walks of life, the Modern Domestic Woman (MDW) thrives on providing a local directory of practical resources for women in any capacity needed. From legal help and social services like temporary housing and food to positive female communities, mental health, and well-being organizations, MDW is on a mission to round up a list of services and support to get you started.

MDW support listings launched in Kane County, Illinois, but we're already developing listings for counties all over Northern Illinois. Our ultimate goal is to provide a collection of referrals for women all over the United States, and eventually, the world.

My intent since The Modern Domestic Woman's inception has been a mission to build a community seen as a safe space to find a listening ear, light-hearted humor, and an absence of judgment.

Beyond local resources, MDW has an engaging social community and blog highlighting the tales of women around the globe in the form of heart-leaping adventures, major career accomplishments, and intense dark times of struggle and loss. We even dabble in simple home-tending tips, decor, fashion, and DIY projects. Why? Because The Modern Domestic Woman platform encompasses who we are and what we do every day as women around the world.

One woman cannot tell this story, but we can as a collective group.

Thank you for being here. I love and appreciate you!



Very sincerely,

Elizabeth Rago

Editor & CEO

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