Who is Elizabeth Rago?

"I listened to inspirational speakers that told me to "hustle" more and I was sick of hustling.


I had no more hustle to give, in fact, the hustle was KILLING ME."

-Elizabeth Rago

Elizabeth Rago is a mama, wife, and the creator of The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW). Starting with silly beginnings writing about home decor and DIY projects, Elizabeth found MDW to be a happy distraction from her stressful life. After a series of unfortunate events including job loss, a car accident, bankruptcy, and a physical and emotional breakdown, Elizabeth felt compelled to shift the primary focus of MDW from pretty pictures and goofy memes to a space of honest support for the modern woman.

Here is her story…


For five years straight my crew couldn’t catch a break. We went from a stable middle-class family to steps from homelessness in the blink of an eye.


Most of my “tribe” had never gone through this type of season. I felt embarrassed, like an outcast, groping around at random Google searches to find relief and support. I feared daily how I was going to feed my kids and buy diapers and put gas in my car. Working three jobs wasn't cutting it, and while my husband and I sent out resume after resume for higher-paying positions, we went on interview after interview with no job offers and no relief in sight.


Our family and a few friends were overwhelmingly kind and helped us in any way they could, but they had their own lives to provide for, so guilt quickly set in that people were scraping the bottom of their own barrels to help us.


As I sat pinning recipe hacks on Pinterest for cheap meals and searching for food pantries, I simultaneously wrote about dream houses and designer purses. I had been establishing a lifestyle platform with The Modern Domestic Woman for years in the form of a social space, blog, and newspaper column that highlighted women business owners, inspirational quotes, DIYs, and pretty things.


But my own life was a mess of late payments, credit agencies stalking me sometimes hourly, an increasingly taxed relationship with my husband, various illnesses, and mounds of anxiety. Oh, so much anxiety.


It's from this wreck of a season that The Modern Domestic Woman Cares was born. As a freelance writer, I was creating content for businesses and lifestyle brands that depicted lovely things and inspiring interviews from people who were successfully managing life. 
But on the inside, I was desperate to find out if anyone else was feeling the way I was - drowning and weary.


I looked to self-help books to lift me out of my “funk." I listened to inspirational speakers that told me to “hustle” more and frankly, I was sick of hustling. I had no more hustle to give - the hustle was KILLING ME.


I was looking for an element of support that nobody was really talking about in typical lifestyle publications. 


Real-life support.


Because who wants to talk about things like homelessness and anxiety and going to food pantries and physical breakdowns and late mortgage payments and divorce and addiction and domestic violence?


Nobody. Nobody wants to talk about these less-than-perfect elements of life and it's killing us. 

I reasoned if I was going through this hell in my seemingly delightful middle-class life, there had to be other women out there just like me, pretending to have it all together, yet drowning behind closed doors.


So I shifted my focus of The Modern Domestic Woman from mostly DIYs, gardening hacks, and visually stunning images to a more meatier take on what the modern woman is experiencing on a daily basis.


By the grace of God we survived and found a hint of stability. We're still working on coping with the chronic stress we experienced as a family, but we're alive and more importantly, together.


Of course, life continues to throw stress at our family, but what’s changed is our response to the mania. And while I can’t make the insanity of life go away, I can lift other women up who are going through hell and give them a glimpse of hope through a launch-pad of positive resources.


I’m on a mission to help women from all walks of life - no matter what they’ve been through. Why? Because The Modern Domestic Woman is an extension of me. I’ve experienced the insanity of life in my own way and while the hope in my heart flickered and wavered, a higher power I call God has brought me through to the other side.

To help.


I've been blessed to create a community of peace to tell the stories of women around the world and do my part in lifting you up.

In love,

Elizabeth Rago

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