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Addiction Treatment

This list is a jumping-off point to find a hopeful recovery plan that is a good fit for you. Be patient and kind to yourself. We're so happy you're here, and proud of you for seeking support.


Location: Many locations all over Northern Illinois


Providing substance abuse support, treatment, and recovery, Rosecrance creates a hopeful environment that fosters healing for children, teens, young adults, and adults.

Lighthouse Recovery

Location: St. Charles, Illinois

Lighthouse Recovery is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program specifically designed to facilitate the changes needed for lasting recovery. Offering a variety of services from medical assisted treatment to DUI counseling, individual, and family therapy.

Lutheran Social Services

Location: Elgin, Illinois


The journey to recovery doesn’t have to be traveled alone. Lutheran Social Services of Illinois can support the journey through a range of treatment programs. Our programs serve both adolescents and adults. We also accept a wide range of payment options. Treatment is provided by caring professionals who will listen to an individual’s goals and tailor treatment to meet that person’s unique needs. We help individuals find success on the pathway to recovery.

Gateway Foundation Aurora

Location: Aurora, Illinois

Each one of our drug and alcohol treatment centers offers a number of therapies and programs, including Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, and Residential Treatment. Which program a patient chooses largely depends on their needs in rehab. Some thrive in an outpatient setting, while others do best with the around-the-clock model that Residential Treatment provides. Effective treatment close to home gives people the flexibility they need to engage in a program that will meet their needs.

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