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MDW Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Supporting women from all walks of life, the Modern Domestic Woman (MDW) thrives on providing a local directory of practical resources for women in any capacity needed. From legal help and social services like temporary housing and food to positive female communities, mental health, and well-being organizations, MDW is on a mission to round up a list of services and support to get you started.

MDW focuses on 3 pillars of living:

Mental Health - MDW is a support community of women rooted in making mental health a priority instead of an afterthought. Because nobody can pour from an empty cup.

Lifestyle - MDW focuses on creating safe spaces; at home and in the body you call home. We encourage a healthy lifestyle that meets you where you're at. Not where someone else wants you to be.

Advocacy - At MDW, we go out into our communities and support women in crisis. Helping them create safe spaces to live and thrive. We actively partner with organizations that support the rights, recovery, and well-being of women.

Thank you for being here! 

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