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Batavia, IL

Peaks & Valleys Perinatal Counseling

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Stronger Therapeutic Counseling Services

11 N Batavia Ave

Suite 107

Batavia IL, 60510

(630) 228-1404


What you can expect: "Peaks and Valleys Perinatal Counseling offers trauma-informed therapy for people experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Our mission is to walk alongside you and guide you in your deeply personal experience toward a place of restoration and confidence. Taking care of your mental health is equally important as tending to your physical health."

201 Houston Street

Batavia, Illinois



What you can expect: "Stronger Therapeutic Counselings Services was designed to be a place that can educate, strengthen, inspire, and create lasting changes. We believe that education inspires awareness and awareness is what can create changes that we not only feel good about but are excited to implement and sustain.


In our practice, we promote personal growth, mental wellness, and improved happiness for adults, tweens, teens, and corporations. Together, we partner with our clients to help discover and utilize existing personal strengths to live a life with a stronger sense of purpose, fulfillment, and gratification to start feeling more connected, motivated, inspired, and proud of the life you live each day."

Riverview Child & Family Therapy

13 East Wilson Street

Batavia, Illinois

(630) 587-3777


What you can expect: "Our licensed therapists provide compassionate and supportive care as a standard of practice. We offer individual, family, group, and behavior therapy as well as parenting support and home behavior plans.


Unlike many other counseling agencies, we believe in treating the entire family. While working with children, we simultaneously give parents the tools they need to successfully manage, teach, and encourage their children through life."

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