Naperville, IL

Frontier Counseling and Meditation

Location: Naperville, Illinois


What to expect: "We understand that it takes a lot of courage to come share your emotions and life experiences with someone you have just met. We aim to make the counseling atmosphere comfortable and free from judgment. Depending on your needs, Daniele & Associates works with you to set goals, change behaviors, maximize your potential, improve relationships and make positive changes in your life."

Services include counseling, divorce mediation, child specialist services, and mind/body yoga therapy. 

Naperville Clinical Services

Location: Naperville, Illinois


Recommended practitioner: Margaret Duffy

What to expect: "Naperville Clinical Services works together with individuals, couples, families, schools and primary care physicians offering services that address the specific needs of each person we meet.  Some of the specialties include adoption, anxiety, family therapy, grief therapy, hypnosis, infertility, postpartum depression, school and sports performance, and marital therapy." (For a full list of specialties, visit the Services page.) 

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