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St. Charles, IL

Be Present Therapy and Wellness

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525 Dunham Road, Suite 55
St. Charles, Illinois


What you can expect: "At Be Present Therapy & Wellness, we are committed to working with you to begin to heal. We specialize in women's mental health and treat anxiety, OCD, perinatal mood disorders, struggles with infertility/loss, parenting, and families.


We will focus on multiple areas of your life in order to help you regain balance of what you are struggling with. Therapy is a process, and can sometimes be challenging, but our hope is that the results you see during treatments give you a strong understanding and hope of moving in a healthy direction."

Barnum Counseling

Location: St. Charles, Illinois

(630) 797-9192

What you can expect: "We offer a warm, empathetic and interactive approach when we work with you. Our therapists listen to your needs and help you to establish realistic and attainable goals."

Centennial Counseling

Location: St. Charles, Illinois

(630) 377-6613

What you can expect: "We are specialists in marriage, family, and individual counseling and have offices located in St. Charles, Sandwich, and Yorkville, Illinois. Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned and well-trained mental health professionals are licensed in psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, and professional counseling.

Our mission is focused around three guiding principles: to provide the highest quality therapeutic care, to assist clients in a faith-sensitive manner, and to maintain our long-term commitment to serve the communities in which we work."

Dr. Melissa Sharp and Associates

Location: St. Charles, Illinois

(630) 777-6333

What you can expect: "Dr. Melissa Sharp and Associates is comprised of sensitive, caring professionals who will treat you with compassion and respect. Our mission is to help our clients create the positive and lasting changes that they are seeking.


Let us help you confidently and effectively address life challenges. Together we will explore emotional road-blocks and unhealthy attitudes, such as anger, fear, guilt, and blame. If you are feeling "stuck" we can help you eliminate problematic emotions, thoughts, or behaviors that have been obstructing you from moving forward. The healing process can include gaining new awareness, processing emotions, and new "meaning" construction.

Health and Wellness Group

Location: St. Charles, Illinois



What you can expect: "We specialize in finding a solution to a variety of emotional, physical, and psychological problems. Our primary purpose is to provide comprehensive psychological and wellness care in an environment that integrates traditional with homeopathic treatments. If you are experiencing problems in a specific area or have questions about whether you need to see a professional for your problem, contact us for a free telephone consultation."

Healthy Driven

Linden Oaks Behavioral Health

Location: St. Charles, Illinois

(630) 382-8732


What you can expect: "Linden Oaks Behavioral Health recognizes the need to provide comprehensive behavioral health services to our community. That's why we established Linden Oaks Medical Group—a team of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, advanced practice psychiatric nurses and counselors/therapists, who specialize in adolescent and adult behavioral health services."

Riverview Child & Family Therapy

Location: St. Charles, Illinois

(630) 587-3777


What you can expect: "Our licensed therapists provide compassionate and supportive care as a standard of practice. We offer individual, family, group, and behavior therapy as well as parenting support and home behavior plans. Unlike many other counseling agencies, we believe in treating the entire family. While working with children, we simultaneously give parents the tools they need to successfully manage, teach, and encourage their children through life."

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