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Yorkville, IL

Joi Counseling

Location: Yorkville, Illinois


What to expect: "Everyone struggles from time to time and finding a good mental health professional might be the answer, but we don’t pick up the phone.  We put it off.  Possibly we think we can cope on our own, possibly we are nervous about talking to someone else about it, or possibly it just hasn’t become severe enough to force us to make the call. 


Even though our life stresses may not seem like an emergency like an overflowing toilet, the truth is that emotional and psychological issues can cause enormous stress and damage if left unchecked.  


That damage can be physical as well as psychological.  By paying attention to our symptoms and reaching out for help, we open the door to help and understanding. 

Our psychodynamic theoretical approach is based on a strengths perspective, competency-based practice. Client-centered therapy goals of treatment include: improving problem-solving skills, increasing communication skills, developing a deeper insight and promoting overall functioning. 


Individual, couples, group and family therapies are available. An important part of your process will be practicing new skills that you learn during sessions."

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