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How to Make a Vision Board

So you'd like to make a Vision Board. How FUN!

I believe in positioning goals visually in front of myself to be a positive reminder and motivator of what I’m working towards.

There are millions of suggestions online so don't get overwhelmed. I've come up with some basic guidelines to get you started.

#1 - There are no rules.

#2 - Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel in the coming year.

@keep502mindful on Instagram

#3 - Take a moment to mull over the following categories of life. Choose one area or more that you want to focus on in the next year. I prefer to pick one or two so as to not overwhelm myself.

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Family

  • Spirituality

  • Education

  • Travel

  • Relationships

  • Finances

  • Love

  • Knowledge

  • Career

#4 - Gather Supplies:

Love this Vision Board nestled in a notebook! Image via @themakerheartstudio on Insta

For a physical vision board

- Corkboard, poster board, pin board, notebook (Big or small, the sky's the limit to size. I suggest gathering supplies first and then deciding what size to make your Vision Board.)

- Old magazines

- Pictures, quotes, anything that reminds you or represents how you want to feel in the next year

- Glue, tape, pins, tacks, glue stick

- Stickers

- Colored pens/pencils

For a digital vision board

Digital Vision Board Template on

- Right-click on images and save them into a file on your computer

- Sign up for Canva (it’s free). They have thousands of pretty vision board and mood board templates you can use to easily arrange your images.

- Start a Vision Board on Pinterest

#5 - Arrange your images, magazine clippings, quotes, etc., any way you like. Remember, there are no rules and you don't have to be an artist to make this pretty. If you're creating a digital version, I encourage you to print out your Vision Board.

#6 - Display your Vision Board in a space you frequent every day as a reminder of what you are working on. For me, these spaces are my desk, the bathroom (so I can gaze while I dry my hair/put on makeup), or the fridge.

This project should provide inspiration and hope, so don't overthink it.

Need a laugh before you start? Watch this SNL bit about Vision Boards. #dying



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