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10 simple ways to reduce stress by organizing your space

by Angie Bennett of Organized Chaos

One of the top three resolutions for the beginning of the year after eating healthy and improving finances is getting organized. In fact, a large amount of anxiety stems from clutter and messy spaces. So if you're working on minimizing stress in 2020, try these 10 tips for getting your ducks in a row and clearing out some much-needed space for peace of mind and self-care.

#1 - Embrace SPACE. I love Cas of Clutterbug's approach to embracing the SPACE Method to organizing - S=Sort P=Purge A=Assign C=Contain E=Evaluate. A little bit of organizing every day to give a "home" to everything in your home. ;)

#2 - Create a designated drop zone.

Think about what you use every single day and set apart a dedicated space meant for your keys, purse, mail, wallet, sunglasses, etc. Now resist the urge to leave them anywhere else! Say goodbye to running around every morning screaming "Where are my KEYS?!" and start the day stress-free.

#3 - A place for everything and everything in its place. Your daughter’s earrings have been sitting on your bathroom counter for almost a year. Take five seconds to put them where they belong, or better yet, make this a teachable moment and have your sweet child put her own jewelry away.

#4 - Tackle chaos in little bursts.

It’s easier to do little tasks rather than face a giant mountain of mess. I encourage my clients to choose one 15 minute organizing challenge per day. Jen at IHeart Organizing has 15 practical spare moment bursts of tidying up overlooked spaces like medicine cabinets, makeup bags, email inboxes, and meal plans!

#5 - Having a hard time purging? Put questionable items in a box and jot down a future date on the flap. If you haven’t opened the box by that date - DONATE or TRASH the item!

#6 - Pencil it in or send out an S.O.S.

If your organizing to-do list exceeds the 15-minute suggestion in #4, schedule an actual appointment with yourself to get the job done -or- let me help you and reach out for a consultation with me.

#7 - One in, One out. If you buy something new get rid of something you don’t use anymore. The item you choose does not have to be the same category as the item tossed. For example - if you buy a new spatula for the kitchen, scrap an old bottle of nail polish that's been gathering dust. As long as something goes, you're on the right track.

#8 - Get matchy-matchy.

Use the same kinds of hangers (black velvet, wood, or white plastic) and never have more than five extra hangers in your closet. I advise my clients to have 17-18 hangers per linear foot and I prefer Royal Hangers. Fun fact: The average number of hangers in a typical closet is 300!!!

#9 - Have a command center - especially if you're a parent. This should include a calendar, bulletin board or dry erase board and baskets/hooks for backpacks and school work.

#10 - Go through your mail - every. single. day. Sign up for e-statements or paperless billing statements to help eliminate counter clutter. Next, delete unnecessary emails that you will never look at again!

I hope you found these suggestions helpful. If you need specific support, email me at Your CHAOS is my business!

“Nothing is more exhausting than the task that’s never started.” – Unknown


About the author:

Angie Bennett grew up in St. Charles, Illinois, and attended College of DuPage where she received an associate’s degree in Interior Design. Her passion and love for organizing compelled her to quit a banking job of almost 20 years to follow her dream and start her own business.

Married with three kids, Angie knows the frustrated state women can find themselves in when life pulls us in a million different directions. And that's exactly why she wants to take her clients from unorganized chaos to Organized Chaos.

To learn more about Angie and her magical organizing skills, visit Organized Chaos on Facebook or email Angie directly -

"I love to take an unorganized and cluttered space and make it new again!" - Angie Bennett


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