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5 Style Tips I Learned From My Mother

Spring has always been my favorite season when it comes to my wardrobe. After living in the cozy arms of a Midwest winter with warm sweaters and fleece-lined everything, I find joy in shedding cold-weather togs and ushering in bright colors and lighter fabrics.

My mother has played a big role in my love for all things fashionable. As a little girl, I remember sitting on the couch together, paging through Harper's Bazaar and Vogue while eating a spread of crudités. (My mom even made eating my veggies fancy!)

From fabulous frocks to trailblazing hairstyles, my mother has always found beauty in a variety of looks. Whatever catches her eye, a simple "that's cute" would confirm approval and encourage me to seek out a variety of ways to express my own style.

I have discovered my approach to fashion is not restricted, but inviting to all silhouettes and hues. I'm excited to share a combination of my mama's wisdom and what I have learned over the years when it comes to seeking out a style that's uniquely your own.

#1 - Make your own rules.

Staying mindful of tried and true rules of fashion is smart but don't shy away from pairing navy with black, silver jewelry with gold, and slipping into white seersucker pants before Memorial Day.

#2 - Just because it's trending doesn't mean it works for you.

Skinny jeans don't work on every shape, and I am one of those shapes. The Joy of Clothes has an excellent Body Shape Guide that outlines what flatters and what falls short when it comes to your unique body type.

#3 - Never feel guilty about purchasing investment pieces.

While your purse strings may feel the burn on the front end, you'll be enjoying quality and timeless accessories for years to come.

#4 - Discover your own unique signature pieces.

I'm obsessed with kimonos. Casual cotton and semi-formal silk varieties have graced my wardrobe over the last few years. I feel quirky and slightly dramatic while wearing kimonos and I love it. If you can't land on a particular style, select a signature accessory and pair it with a basic black t-shirt and your favorite jeans.

#5 - If you squeal a little, buy it.

It sounds silly but listening to your gut can apply to fashion just as much as it applies to your boundaries.

The bottom line - be true to yourself in all areas of life.

I am so excited to share my accessory favorites for the MDW 2023 Spring Style Guide. No need to overhaul your entire wardrobe this spring.

Simply add a few essential accessories to enhance your gorgeous body that will have you skipping into the warm weather season with a new-found pep in your step.

Discover 10 must-have spring accessories that will level up your wardrobe ✨NOW✨ in the ISSUE magazine below.


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