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I don't recommend things willy-nilly at MDW, and only give shout outs to the people and products I love, use, and stand behind. From small businesses to big brands, I've rounded up a curated list of things I'm smitten with this week.

I'd love to know what's tickling your fancy lately! Leave a comment below and tell me - oh please, do tell!

#1 -Boxing with Heather Szarmach of Grit Fitness

Mom. Athlete. Fitness Trainer. Bad ass. Providing toosh-kicking workouts, training with Heather leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

Heather (on the right, of course)

#2 - Full Spectrum Oil from United Hemp Co.

Organically grown hemp and MCT oil, United Hemp Co. produces quality products with a passion for diverse cannabinoids. My personal testimony with FSO includes curbing my intense PMS symptoms and softening mood swings, intense cramping, and heavy flow during my period. No color and barely any taste, I can't live without this oil.

#3 - All the things at Republic Road

If boho and hygge and farmhouse styles all had a store it would be Republic Road. Carefully selected artisan fairs for home styling, RR also features seriously stylish wardrobe possibilities for the baby divas and dudes in your life. (PS - RR is my go-to for baby shower gifts!)

#4 - Disinfect no. 4 from Clean, Inc.

Take in the lovely scent of rosemary infused white vinegar and ancient thieves essential oil as you clean the bejesus out of your toilets, appliances, light switches, door handles, and non-stone countertops. Ready for an added bonus? I use Disinfect no. 4 to get rid of the teenage hormonal funky stink in my home...

#5 - Kim and Penn of "The Holderness Family"

MDW reader Michelle M. wrote in about The Holderness Family and I wholeheartedly agree - I love this power couple so hard! Their Honolulu - "Hallelujah" Pentatonix Acapella Parody spoke to my soul and had me spitting out my coffee all over my phone.

What are you smitten with this week? Sharing is caring and we love referrals, so comment below! xo, E


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