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Art workshop with multimedia artist Lisa Holzl from 1 Drop 2 Wellness

Art is such a great way to release emotions, which is why MDW is partnering up with multimedia artist Lisa Holzl to host an art workshop that allows you to pour emotions onto paper, express yourself, and make something beautiful.

Our theme is “Out of the Ashes”.

Date: May 13, 2022

Time: 7 PM - 9PM

Location: Sage Healing Collective in St. Charles, Illinois.

Cost: $25 for supplies (will be provided at class)


About Lisa:

After a Lupus diagnosis, Lisa started an art journal, briefly taking her away from the pain and constant frustration of life with an auto-immune disease. What quickly followed was a Spirit-led road bringing joy and release into a mix-media expression of emotions.

Lisa teaches a variety of age groups and is open for commissioned work. Follow Lisa on Instagram @1drop2wellness, visit her website, or see her work in person at Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois.


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