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Downtown St. Charles Businesses Partner With Women’s Support Community to Host Fairy Walk

Downtown businesses in St. Charles and women’s support community The Modern Domestic Woman are collaborating on a fun initiative involving fairy houses. Starting on August 18, 2023, community members and visitors will discover small houses and doors hidden among the landscaping and nestled in planters of various businesses.

The goal? To bring a bit of magic and whimsy to downtown St. Charles, shop small businesses, and encourage people.

“The mission is two-fold,” explains Elizabeth Rago, St. Charles resident and founder of The Modern Domestic Woman.

“I’ve always been a huge supporter of shopping small, so bringing a tour of magical fairies woven throughout town is just downright fun and gets people to explore the shops and restaurants in our beautiful city. Secondly, my organization is all about providing women with resources for support and providing encouragement. There are so many people struggling, and often, a kind word is just what they need to give them a boost of encouragement.”

Rago is referring to the interactive element of the fairy houses.

Visitors who stumble upon a fairy door or house will find a QR code adjacent to the tiny abode. This QR code links to a landing page on the St. Charles Fairy Walk website ( that will reveal an uplifting message to the community member and a potential “perk” from one of the participating businesses.

For example, Kimmer’s Ice Cream will be giving Fairy Walk participants a free topping on their ice cream scoops, some businesses will offer discounts to shop, and Magnolia Soap and Bath Company will be giving participants a bit of “fairy dust.”

The Fairy Walk ribbon cuttings will be hosted on Friday, August 18 at The Pep Line on Cedar at 4:00 PM, at Ghoulish Mortals at 4:45 PM, and ending at Kimmer’s Ice Cream at 5:30 PM.

Attendees are encouraged to dress up as their favorite fairy.

St. Charles real estate agent Kate Durham will be hosting the ribbon cuttings.

“The fairy houses bring fun, whimsy, and a touch of magic to downtown St. Charles,” said Durham. “I love the idea of strolling along and spying something unexpected and delightful among the businesses.”

Century Corners businesses include The Pep Line and SG Too. Main Street businesses include the House of Charlemagne, The Graceful Ordinary, and Ghoulish Mortals. First Street businesses include Mion Artisan and Fox Den Cooking. Illinois Street businesses include Kimmer’s Ice Cream, Magnolia Soap Shop, and Lux Dance Studio.

Custom artwork on the website is created by St. Charles Compass Academy student Nora Rago.

Learn more on or at @stcfairywalk on Instagram.


About The Modern Domestic Woman

The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW) was founded in 2012 and provides a local directory of practical resources for women in the Western Suburbs. From legal help and social services like temporary housing and food to positive female communities, mental health, and well-being organizations, MDW is on a mission to continually expand its offering of services and support in order to get more women on a path towards peace and healing.

Beyond local resources, MDW has an engaging social community and blog highlighting the tales of women both locally and around the world by sharing wisdom from professionals, career accomplishments, and survival in times of struggle and loss.

Visit to learn more.


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