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Expanding on Life Through a Higher Power

I believe there is something “bigger” than me that made humanity for a purpose. The perfect fit for my criteria of love, compassion, and sense of humor in a higher power is Jesus, the main figure of the Christian religion.

I like his style.

I love that he hung out with people who were difficult and rough and, according to society, not always “desirable”. I find Jesus’ message of love to be a guide and calm light in the whirlwind of life.

Just as I surround myself with wise women who have a knack for home-keeping, I’m actively on the lookout for women that can help me with my “heart-keeping."

I need honesty, though, not bible-banging pressure and unreasonable expectations.

I need a straightforwardness coated in gentle nudge that comes from a place of love to be at the forefront of my religion.

Enter Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Via @sarcasticlutheran on Instagram

Rooted in grace, mercy, and (gloriously) compassion, Nadia’s message and community creates a safe space of honesty addressing the tough topics of life. An ordained Lutheran Pastor and founder of House for All Sinners & Saints in Denver, Colorado, Nadia explores a relationship with Christ ALONGSIDE people.

And that makes a huge difference.

Traveling BESIDE people with a hopefulness, and most importantly compassion, for the human spirit takes the pressure off the idea of perfection Christian leaders have historically required from parishioners.

I encourage you to seek out spiritual guidance with caution. Ask questions and challenge pre-existing outlooks. If you’re interested in exploring any kind of belief system, dig deep and past all the “conditional” requirements established by leaders who designed rules and regulations to oppress and fulfill their own selfish agendas.

Find out more about Nadia on her website and do follow her on Instagram @sarcasticlutheran or Twitter @sarcasticluther.

"The Confessional", Nadia's podcast, is an excellent listen. I recently subscribed and immediately appreciated the candid nature and reflective voice of Nadia's first guest, Megan Phelps-Roper a former member of Westboro Baptist Church. Listen in below or on your favorite podcast platform.


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