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Power Women: Four inspiring woman-centric social feeds you should follow

Natasha Nicholes of We Sow. We Grow.

It’s easy to spiral into a cluster of nonsense online, and oh my, isn’t it getting exhausting these days? At The Modern Domestic Woman, we’re on a mission to bring you notable people, products, places, support systems, and stories that are worth your time to stop and linger. Hop over to these social sites and feeds for quality stimulation and enjoy…

Facebook: We Sow. We Grow.

If anybody can rock a beekeeper suit, it’s Natasha! (Image courtesy of We Sow We Grow)

Natasha Nicholes won the Mom 2.0 Summit Iris Award for Philanthropic Work of the Year in 2019 for her work weaving a garden into her community in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Her urban farm blog combined with an active and increasingly informative We Sow. We Grow. “Gardening Chat” private group on Facebook educates gardening newbies and gurus alike.

Our favorite part about We Sow. We Grow.? Founder, Natasha Nicholes is full of good humor and takes the intimidation out of gardening, making it accessible to all.

We Sow. We Grow. on Facebook — @WeSowWeGrow

Instagram: Cherry Bombe

The latest issue of Cherry Bombe featuring Samin Nosrat. Image via Cherry Bombe on Instagram.

Celebrating women and food through their biannual magazine and weekly podcast, Cherry Bombe is a positive force of creative excellence. Not only does Cherry Bombe share beautiful images of delectable dishes on Instagram, they tell the stories of industry female powerhouses and bring to the spotlight new ladies on the culinary scene who are stepping up and stepping out to change the way we look at food.

We’re especially loving the Cherry Bombe mission:

Our mission is to support women in the world of food by sharing their stories and to build a community of people making the world a better place through food. We also encourage everyone to cook for themselves and their loved ones; to be confident, curious, and creative in the kitchen; and to sit down for meals with others whenever possible.

Cherry Bombe on Instagram — @cherrybombe

Spotify: ‘Signs from the Other Side’ with Fern Ronay

Author, host, and lawyer Fern Ronay.

Author, Host of Afterbuzz TV, and lawyer, Fern Ronay is also the voice behind “Signs from the Other Side” podcast. These stories about signs from loved ones who have passed to the other side is a refreshing and honest take on the afterlife from people who have experienced loss yet still feel connected to their loved ones.

Fern also invites listeners to share their stories in a private group on Facebook called Believers In Signs or at

“Fern Ronay takes you on a journey emotionally and spiritually that reflects your own experiences. A must read for anyone who needs to know the bonds of love are eternal.” — John Edward, internationally known psychic medium and host of Crossing Over, on Fern’s book, Better in the Morning

Signs From the Other Side podcast — Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher

Twitter: Debra Smouse

riter, columnist, and life coach, Debra Smouse. (Photographer: Danielle Cohen)

Your Tango columnist, writer, and life coach, Debra Smouse has a genuine enthusiasm for making every day special. In a day and age where relationships are flat and surface-level, her writing and advice help fuel your desire to thrive and be adventurous, not just stumble through the day, white-knuckled and barely surviving.

We could scroll through Debra’s Twitter feed all day long, feeling encouraged and inspired with impactful articles, heart-hitting quotes, and powerful messages.

“If you want to love your life, you must fall in love with the day-to-day process of living.” — Debra Smouse

Debra on Twitter — @DebSmouse

Who inspires you? We’d love to hear about the women, institutions, and businesses you’re following!


This article was originally published on The Modern Domestic Woman blog on Medium.


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