God according to me: why I don't lead with Christianity

People get itchy when the topic of religion is mentioned. Mostly, I think, because, on the "believing" side, we're afraid of being challenged to explain the unexplainable. Over the last year, I've been asked exactly "how" I've managed to make it through the struggles our family has endured - and come through to the other side with so much hope, optimism, and urge to help others.

I'd be remiss if I didn't explain the real reason I'm alive today, only because of the icky feeling of possibly being judged.

As I "put myself out there" people are becoming curious to know more about the way I live my life - one rooted in an unexplained joy and serenity and peace despite the insanity of the world around me.

Well, The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW) is an extension of me, and if you've met me in real life, you know that I don't start any conversation with someone I've just met by bursting out that I love Jesus. I lead with everyday things like hair, decor, food, my kiddos, and the rush of every living day while managing anxiety. I talk about my mission of finding peace and helping other women find their own strength and talents amid the chaos of life.

So too, MDW leads with all the things that make us multi-faceted women of the world:

What gets us through the day: coffee, silly memes, podcasts, books, gardening, knitting, home tending, cooking, meds, Netflix, etc.

What's important to us: our partners, children, pets, parents, friends, house plants, our reputation, our appearance, our health, etc.

What heals us: therapy, self-care, breathing, love, exercise, nature, CBD, yoga, etc.

Yet the element that fills my heart and leads to the peace I've found is rooted in my belief in a higher power.

I'll admit I've been hesitant to talk about religion, for fear of being put in a "crazy, Jesus lady" category with readers.

But I've gone too far in my sharing, where I can't not talk about my personal relationship with the higher power I choose to call Christ. And yes, I will say "higher power" because I'm respectful of the fact that there are people in the world who have different ideas of what a higher power means to them.

And that's okay.

All I need to do is be the shining light that my higher power (Jesus) has asked me to be in this world. Not by bashing Bibles over people's heads and wearing a sparkly cross around my neck (although I do have a really cute one!) - it's by loving people the only way I know how.

Creating MDW was Spirit-led, which sounds absolutely crazy. God put on my heart years ago to create an honest space for women who needed help in any capacity, no matter what their background, economic status, or struggle. To share my own crazy and let women know they're not alone.

So many people are asking how I've discovered this amazing peace that I need to tell them how it happened. That, while broken in a season of back to back to back to back insanity, the idea of discovering a higher power that could take the pressure off me having to make decisions and trying to figure out the unfigure-outable, was a welcome thought.

That an all-powerful being cared for me - no matter what.

No matter what I did and how I screwed up.

No matter what other people did to me or how others made me feel, in my heart would linger a soft whisper of love telling me that everything would be okay - and that I'm not alone.

This may sound like crazy talk - and it IS! In all reality, the idea of an all-powerful magical being that created the world and sent a spirit to fill a human body to love others, perform unexplainable miracles, and then willingly be crucified - is insane.

And don't even get me started on the whole "rising from the dead and ascending into heaven" bit! It's SCREWY!

But I believe it.

Why? Because I need a guide to help me through this life and my own intuition is not cutting it. And this being - God/Jesus/Holy Spirit - whatever I want to call this higher power, lives in my soul and is the only reason I'm living and smiling.

If you want to learn more about what I believe, I talk about my approach to Christianity below. This opinion will ruffle feathers in my own community, I know that, and I'm comfortable stirring people up.

But let me say this: all Jesus asked me to do was go out and be a shining light of LOVE.