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How to Establish a True Work-Life Balance by Creatively Fostering Mental Health

Is it possible to thrive in all areas of life?

Therapist Kelly Jacobson believes it is - when you tap into positive support systems that help keep you in check and provide gentle reminders that you matter.

We spend a considerable amount of time at work. Nearly 100,000 hours over a lifetime, in fact. So if we are working diligently to keep mental health a priority in our personal lives, it only makes sense to focus on mental health at work.

As the owner of Stronger Therapeutic Counseling in Batavia and West Dundee, Kelly manages a staff and understands the importance of fostering a healthy culture at work.

“Workplace challenges like the “biggest loser” are quickly being replaced with more sustainable challenges that can actually move you into real lifestyle shifts,” shared Kelly.

Why the shift? Because mentally healthy teams = more productive employees.

A creative approach to provide effective solutions and prevent stress leading to a toxic workplace culture or burnout, it’s possible to experience more balance as we ebb and flow from work to home. 

“It’s about establishing foundations of mindfulness that leave team members feeling more present and able to connect to their lives outside of work,” explains Kelly.

So, how can you start thriving at work? 

People only know what they know. If you’re struggling at home and it’s impacting your work, it might be time to disclose basic information about your situation and tell your manager what you need. Kelly offers these two suggestions to practically implement immediate change.

#1 - Establish boundaries around work hours. 

Work-life balance slips off-kilter because of the convenience of technology. Talking to a therapist can help you identify what you need to feel secure at work and how to better segue into your personal life.

#2 - Tap into the positive benefits of technology. 

“We have all this technology at our fingertips. Let’s use it to revive and revitalize us,” said Kelly. 

Discover health and wellness apps like Virgin Pulse which provide meaningful engagement and education to help you find tailored wellness solutions.

It’s possible to thrive in life,” said Kelly. “You just have to find the right tools to support your unique needs.”

Bye, Bye, Burnout. Hello,  Peaceful Living.

Tapping into the “Pulse” of mental health can help you discover a better work-life balance.

Wellness at work means more than offering an employee assistance program. Kelly at Stronger Therapeutic Counseling has partnered with Virgin Pulse to help business owners and their teams feel seen and heard. 

Designed to create an inclusive and empowering culture at work, the Virgin Pulse app is more than a reminder to breathe or a handy tool to track your heart rate. 

It’s an opportunity to connect your staff and help them access digital tools around specific mind, body, and community support.

As a certified mental health professional, Kelly helps businesses design a strategy that will optimize the health, culture, productivity, and happiness of their organization.

"Human Resource professionals have a lot on their plate - recruitment, onboarding, retention, learning, and performance management...” said Kelly. 

“My job is to support leadership in identifying areas of growth and in building out a customized plan using the Virgin Pulse app to create a thriving and happy workforce.”

Kelly helps companies reduce the stigma around mental health by bringing a therapist into the workday to normalize stress, create strategies to combat burnout and foster a healthy work-life balance.

A personal mental health concierge, Kelly provides expert care to lead wellness initiatives like:

  • Investing in the long-term health and well-being of employees

  • Promoting a true “culture of well-being” by providing local resources that support your employees’ mental health

  • Addressing company culture and determining underlying factors that contribute to poor mental health

An innovative and valuable approach to workplace wellness, Kelly will maximize mini-health assessments to help employees access and interact with real-time and local resources that matter to them.

“It’s time to stop isolating people in their mental health,” shared Kelly. 

“Companies and leadership can ignite conversation, forge connections, and ultimately transform lives.”

For more information about partnering with Kelly and learning more about the Pulse app, reach out on the Stronger Therapeutic Counseling website.


More About Kelly:

Kelly Jacobson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of Stronger Therapeutic Counseling Services, Inc. in Batavia, and West Dundee, Illinois. Kelly's modern approach to therapy includes offering consistent tips and tangible tools that can be easily be practiced in everyday life.

For more information about workplace wellness and counseling services with Kelly, visit the Stronger Therapeutic Counseling Services website

or connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.


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