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Meaty (yet meatless) comfort food: Portobello mushroom, cauliflower, and parsnip bowl

If you’re over soups and chilis for the winter season, try this bowl of warm and crispy deliciousness…

Prep Time: 5–7 min

Cook Time: 25 — 30 minutes

Servings: 1


1 large portobello mushroom

1/2 of a medium parsnip

2 medium cauliflower heads

2 cherry tomatoes

Prepping and cooking directions:

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Pinch the dark black gills out of the portobello and add to a “small bowl for later.”

3. Slice the parsnip into very thin strips small enough to fit into the crevasse of the mushroom. Add the parsnip pieces to the mushroom crevasse.

4. Now, break apart the cauliflower heads into bite-sized pieces. Add to the crevasse of the mushroom. (I love the word “crevasse” don’t you?) If you have extra pieces of cauliflower, hooray! We will deal with those in a moment. Add scraps and stalks to the “small bowl for later” bowl.

5. Strategically sprinkle salt and pepper over the mushroom and its contents. Have you seen chef Nusret Gökçe a.k.a “Salt Bae?” Watch this 30-second video below and then season your mushroom exactly like Mr. Salt Bae:

6. Next, drizzle a fun circle of olive oil onto a small baking sheet. Place that plump parsnip packed portobello on the olive oil, then drizzle a dash more of olive oil over the entire mushroom.

7. If you have extra cauliflower, toss those bad boys next to the mushroom cap like you’re throwing down dice at the roulette table in a Bruno Mars music video. Here’s the video just in case you need some cooking music:

9. Oh, don’t forget to put a few drips of olive oil on each cauliflower.

10. Now, slide Mr. Mushroom into the oven and bake for 25-ish minutes.

11. Remember that “bowl for later” that you’ve been adding vegetable scraps to? This is the perfect time to compost them. Clueless about composting? See my friend Natasha over at Houseful of Nicholes for in-depth info on ways to nourish your garden via worm composting.

12. While you wait for your meal, try a quick and delicious episode of Vikings. Viking shield-maiden and all around bad ass Lagertha, portrayed by the stunning Katheryn Winnick, is just the female high-five we all need right now.

13. Ding-Ding! Your meal is done. Garnish with four sweet cherry tomato slices and ENJOY!

xo, E


About the author:

Elizabeth Rago is a mama, wife, writer, and the creator of The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW). After a series of unfortunate events including job loss, a car accident, bankruptcy, and a physical and emotional breakdown, Elizabeth felt compelled to shift the primary focus of MDW from pretty pictures and goofy memes to a space of honest support for the modern woman.

A pursuer of peace, Elizabeth is on a mission to help women from all backgrounds and walks of life to find their own strength and talents amid the chaos of life.

Readers can contact Elizabeth at or follow her on the following social platforms: @elizabethrago on Instagram and @bethrago on Twitter


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