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Morning Meditation with Elizabeth Rago

☕️Morning Meditation☕️

Recovering from chronic stress, especially experiencing stress as a family, takes time.

I've found myself frustrated with my own healing, often telling me to "get a grip" and "you have all the tools you need to heal/move through stress, so what is your problem"?!

I’ll peek through the window of my soul and get a glimpse of a little peace and recovery - yet it’s only a sliver of hope. I want to force the window open and let in all the light.

Healing doesn't work on our timeline, and just like with everything else in this world - we want immediate results, quick turnarounds, and ultimately, to get through whatever it is we're healing from - as fast as possible.

For some reason, human beings are not meant to move at light speed. We're not superheroes, bending time and space to manipulate reality.

We're intricately made beings, equipped with a heart and spirit that needs gentle tending to.

Life will always continue to throw stress at you, but what changes is your response to the mania.

Allow yourself to heal properly. Don't rush it. Yes, I know - easier said than done. Believe me - I'm living it!

So breathe. And take it one minute at a time. Find support that is right for you and block out the mania of the world from time to time in order to re-establish peace in your heart.

Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps.

xo, Elizabeth

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Photo credit: Kelsey Curtis on Unsplash


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