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Morning Meditation with Elizabeth Rago

☕️Morning Meditation☕️

Here's to changing the mindset of competition between women.

The gals featured on MDW are not in competition with each other, they’re in collaboration as a whole to serve their communities.

We all have something to give.

-> An expertise.

-> A unique approach.

-> A voice that resonates.

-> A service that supports.

-> A product that helps and delights.

My job as a caretaker of this community is to share the voices and expertise of women. Many of which do similar things in their career choice. Yet there’s always - always - a different story to tell for each woman.

It’s my job as the hostess of this group to pull out the unique qualities of the human beings I highlight and shine a light on those strengths.

Then, you can get a clear understanding of their vision, their mission, their offerings, and their voice. You won’t resonate with everyone on MDW and that’s okay. However, you WILL be drawn to someone.

A woman who gets you.

A woman who has experienced similar seasons.

It’s about longer tables. Identifying strengths and propelling each woman’s story out into the world so she can support other women.

And that’s what you’ll find here at MDW - collaboration, community, and partnership - no matter what.

MDW has a different approach to living. A go-against-the-flow kind of vibe.

We’re stronger when we work together. Shall we?

Xo, E


About the author:

Elizabeth Rago is a mama, wife, writer, and the creator of The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW). After a series of unfortunate events including job loss, a car accident, bankruptcy, and a physical and emotional breakdown, Elizabeth felt compelled to shift the primary focus of MDW from pretty pictures and goofy memes to a space of honest support for the modern woman.

A pursuer of peace, Elizabeth is on a mission to help women from all backgrounds and walks of life to find their own strength and talents amid the chaos of life.

Readers can contact Elizabeth at or follow her on the following social platforms: @elizabethrago on Instagram and @bethrago on Twitter


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