Peace: your most valuable asset

Repeat after me: Peace is my most valuable asset.

This mindset, a shift from HUSTLE to sweet Lord, anything else, is how I started hitting the pause button and accepting that I couldn't do it all.

I used to read self-help books to lift me out of my “funk." I listened to inspirational speakers that told me to “hustle” more and frankly, I was sick of hustling. I had no more hustle to give - the hustle was KILLING ME.

Rest is divine. Over-scheduling is not healthy. Boundaries are delightful. Peace is exhilarating.

A goal for today:

Make a list of all the things you have to do in one day and honestly decide what is crucial for you to do. Just for today. Not in 5 years or in your lifetime or even on Friday. Just today.

Now, say no to all the "extras".

Give yourself permission to rest and if you can't do that - I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO REST. (I'm shouting, but in a nice way. )

Even if the rest is staring out a window for 10 minutes.

Because no woman has time for a breakdown. Trust me, I've had one and I want to help you avoid the medical bills, forced rest, physical ailments, and exhausting therapy sessions.


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