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Saying “I love you” to you

by Elizabeth Rago

updated 2/14/23

Valentine’s Day touts an undeniable vibe of loving the one you’re with, spreading kindness and kisses to a significant other, partner, or the kiddos in your life. However, let’s talk about five ways we can appreciate ourselves during this day of excessive tenderness.

#1 - Declare a “Love Day”

Throw up your hands and let everyone in your path know - “It’s a LOVE DAY!”

All bets are off ladies - responsibility is chucked out the window for a solid 15 minutes, you will listen to the music you want to hear, and bask in the gyrating goodness of a one-woman dance party. Laughter will inevitably ensue and that’s GOOD.

#2 - Take a stroll through your past

Mentally meander through all the phases you’ve kicked ass in life. Bold breakups, challenging career leaps, prominent parenting wins, etc., etc... High-five yourself, reminiscing about the momentous feats and tiny ah-ha moments where the mere reminder of your own wisdom stunned even the most annoying of critics.

#3 - Don’t get amnesia

After you’ve hiked the trail of your own personal memoir, remember all the trenches you’ve crawled out of. Through the muck and mire of life, YOU have pulled yourself out of the storm and climbed on top of all that junk and abuse and dread - and it’s made you stronger. Don’t forget about the powerful woman you’ve become despite the darkness that’s come against you.

#4 - Treat yo’ self

If jewelry is your jam and you’ve got the funds, indulge and don’t apologize. Longing for a burst of alone time? Find a friend who can take those kiddos and exhaust them for an hour. Take a nap, order a giant dessert at your favorite bakery, and eat it - ALL. BY. YOURSELF.

#5 - Declare yourself a goddess

Why? Because you ARE. The wise and witty Leslie Knope once said,

“I am a goddess. A glorious female warrior queen of all that I survey. Enemies of fairness and equality, hear my womanly roar!”

Ladies, we’re over our inner self-critic. That bitch has been singing the same song of guilt and shame for way too long. We’re kicking her to the curb and shining the spotlight on an evolved version of our strong selves that not only have the capacity to handle whatever life throws at us, we skillfully dominate the fantastic familial ecosystem we’ve been assigned to.

How will you love yourself today and beyond? Let me know in the comments.


About the author: Elizabeth Rago is a mama, wife, and the creator of The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW). Starting with silly beginnings writing about home decor and DIY projects, Elizabeth found MDW to be a happy distraction from her stressful life.

After a series of unfortunate events including job loss, a car accident, bankruptcy, and a physical and emotional breakdown, Elizabeth felt compelled to shift the primary focus of MDW from pretty pictures and goofy memes to a space of honest support for the modern woman.

Learn more about Elizabeth at


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