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I don't recommend things willy-nilly at MDW, and only give shout outs to the people and products I love, use, and stand behind. From small businesses to big brands, I've rounded up a curated list of things I'm smitten with this week.

I'd love to know what's tickling your fancy lately! Leave a comment below and tell me - oh please, do tell!

#1 -Wallpaper from Morris & Co.

Inspired by the designs of William Morris, beautifully crafted wallpaper creates a jaw-dropping visual tale in any space. This particular artwork is part of the Melsetter collection and includes happy birds and perky blooms, immediately transporting you to a fabulous garden scape.

Image credit, Morris & Co.

#2 - Lucrecer at @soulsistaplants on Insta

I was introduced to Lucrecer Braxton during the We Sow We Grow Gardening Summit in 2020, completely smitten with her gorgeous accessories, no-nonsense mindset and personal ethos:

“I know that community starts with me. When I think of the kind of world I want to leave behind for my kids, I ask myself ‘how can I start building that world right now, right here?’ and I let that guide me.” - Lucrecer Braxton

With practical tips that help me avoid killing my houseplants, Lucrecer is a joy to see in my Instagram feed everyday.

Image credit, @soulsistaplants

#3 - Lady Tankerton on @theyankedtank on Insta

The queen of meme makers, I've spit my coffee all over my phone scrolling through her magnificent funnies. But, dear reader, who is this mysterious Lady Tankerton? I'll need a strapping Earl licking a spoon to help me figure this out...🧐

Image credit, @theyankedtank

#4 - All the plants and pots at Grow Geneva

A woman-owned business in the heart of historic downtown Geneva, Illinois, Grow is a modern plant shop that will tickle your plant fancy whether you're a new plant parent or a seasoned professional. Besides all the green things, Grow has gorgeous pots, pops of home decor, and some of the most gorgeous plant-inspired jewelry I've ever set eyes on.

Image credit, @growgeneva

#5 - Margarets' Alley at Warehouse 55 in Aurora, IL

Vintage finds at Margarets' Alley are quite possibly the stylish and unique consignment selections I've seen in a long time. Case in point, this fabulous bench with intricately carved dragon (?) armrests. Find original artwork, antique furniture, and decorative accents carefully curated by Margaret.

Image credit, Margarets' Alley

What are you smitten with this week? Sharing is caring and we love referrals, so comment below! xo, E


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