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Ukrainian-owned female startup designs Earth and people-friendly furniture

Three years ago Elina Ishchenko knew she was in for a challenge when she began transitioning her 2-year-old daughter from a co-sleeping environment to a "big girl" bed. The mom of three knew she had some personal requirement when it came to purchasing new bedroom digs for her kids.

"We were searching for a bed that would make the change as smooth as possible and was a hundred percent safe and non-toxic," explains Elina. "At that moment, we realized that eco-friendly furniture doesn’t really come with an affordable price tag as well as a few playfully designed items were available on the market."

Inspired to design her own furniture, Elina focused on exciting imaginations and contributing to a healthier, more sustainable home. Styles that wouldn't break the family budget either.

Living in Toronto, Elina sought to support her heritage and commission the designs from a factory in western Ukraine that supplies one of the biggest furniture retailers in the world.

"Since we’re a small company we don’t have such a heavy cost structure and we can actually afford to price our products fairly and not overcharge families for eco-friendly, sustainable materials.”

Elina's favorite design is the bunny chairs and table set.

"I adore that whimsical design and the combination of crisp white and natural wood colors. And I love it fits in literally every corner at home. We're constantly relocating the set.

The kids also love it - they use chairs to reach the high points at home (like the shelf above the fireplace and kitchen cabinets)."

So, why do families love Two Giraffes™ furniture?

The Designs are Adorable

The Two Giraffes™ products are made to turn kids’ rooms into their favorite place to hang out. Multifunctional and playful designs encourage open play, fun, and creativity. Just a perfect blend of functionality and fun.

Two Giraffes is Earth & People Friendly

Each piece is crafted with wood sourced from responsibly managed forests, protecting land and the animals who live there. The wood is kiln-dried and finger-splinted to ensure durability and minimize waste. The child-safe, water-based paints finish is hand-applied with packaging is FSC-certified and complies with the strict requirements.

Furniture Skillfully Made in Ukraine

Crafted with care in a family-owned factory with over 50 years of experience producing wooden furniture. All the parts are hand-polished. All corners and edges are softly rounded, making sure the customers get the highest quality and safe product.

For more information, visit, shop at, and follow the company on Instagram and Facebook.


More about Two Giraffes:

Produced in a family-owned factory in the beautiful Ukrainian countryside, fulfilled from a warehouse in Florida, these whimsical house beds and bunny chairs sets are widely adored by the little tots and their grown-ups. All Two Giraffes™ furniture is made with sustainably harvested solid wood and finished with child-safe, water-based paints so the parents can rest assured their product is safe and contributes to a healthier home.


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