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What to expect at Moms Support Group

If you’re uncertain as to what to expect at Moms Support Group, that’s a normal feeling. I felt the same way before I attended my first support group. I wished someone gave me a heads-up on the style and requirements for speaking/sharing. Because I did not what to share anything at first. I simply wanted to observe and listen...

What to expect at a Moms Support Group meeting:

Upon arrival, you can select a seat in the circle and either get to know the people around you or sit quietly.

Housekeeping: We will start the meeting by reviewing the purpose of the group, introducing the host/moderator, and outlining guidelines for creating a safe space.

If there are speakers or special events coming up like the Saturday Expert Series, information will be shared.

Why do we share the Purpose and Guidelines at the beginning of each meeting?

To clear our minds of what’s happened during our individual days and set our hearts to listen, share, and be open-minded for the next hour.

The purpose of this group:

#1 - To be heard.

You are not alone. This group is free from judgment and I ask that you keep an open mind when others are sharing their experience.

#2 - To let it out.

Laughter, tears, joy, frustration, anger, excitement - you can let it out in this support group without the fear of judgment.

#3 - To discover your voice as a mother.

What kind of mother am I? Will I change as the years go by and my children get older? Am I being the kind of mother I want to be or do I want to change some areas of parenting? I encourage you to bring a notebook or journal to jot down revelations about yourself or ideas for moving forward in motherhood.

#4 - To find community.

Connect with other mamas who are here for the same reason you are - for support.

Guidelines for creating a safe space:

1. Everything is confidential. What happens in our support group stays in our support group.

2. Like addiction recovery meetings, we do not interrupt people when they are speaking to talk over them. No topic is up for debate and we are not here as a community to give advice but focus on ourselves and our own experience as a mother.

3. You have the option to share your experience or opt-out of speaking.

4. Gossip is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Take what you need and leave the rest and accept that what works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa.

5. Sometimes people will stop talking during their time to share. There is no such thing as an awkward silence. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the pause, take time to breathe, and enjoy this safe space.


After Housekeeping, Group Purpose, and Guidelines you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and/or share your experience. It’s often intimidating to come up with something on the spot, so our format will be:

  • Share your first name

  • Who you care for and their ages

  • Something you’re working on as a mom

  • A weekly win either in your home or as a mom

  • Anything else you would like to share

Each person will have four (4) minutes to share and the moderator will keep track of time. You absolutely do not have to talk for the full four minutes. You can let the moderator know you are finished by saying, “I’m done.”

If you would like to pass and not share, simply say “pass.”

After Individual Introductions:

If time permits after introductions, group members may ask questions or share additionally.


The moderator will close out the meeting by saying:

“You are the perfect parents for your children. You are everything they need. And we are here to support you.”


About Elizabeth Rago, Moms Support Group Host & Moderator:

Elizabeth Rago is a mama of three, wife, writer, and the creator of The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW).

A pursuer of peace, Elizabeth is on a mission to help women from all backgrounds and walks of life to find strength and contentment amid the chaos of life.

If you have additional questions about the Moms Support Group, feel free to reach out to Elizabeth at


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