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Why you need a detective instead of a doctor to help solve chronic health problems

Living with chronic pain/illness is beyond frustrating. For years I’ve been working with many practitioners to find out WHY I feel the way I do and most of the time my test results are “fine.”

But there has to be a reason why I feel:

👉🏽Hungover (even though I haven’t been drinking)

👉🏽Gaining weight (even though I’m working out and eating well)

👉🏽Inflammed to the point where it’s excruciating to walk up stairs (I do the yoga to help with flexibility)

👉🏽Exhausted (even though I get an adequate amount of sleep)

👉🏽Depressed (even though I see a therapist and do all the coping skills to minimize stress)

Enter Dr. Kalli Prater.

Dr. Kalli from Sage Healing Collective is a straight-up detective 🕵️‍♀️ when it comes to seeking out the root cause of dysfunction in the body.

She investigated my past health history in detail and worked with me to answer:

✅Why has this happened to me?

✅What’s changed in my body?

✅What’s gone wrong?

Not only did Dr. Kalli help me find an answer, but I also have a plan of action to get me feeling better instead of simply treating symptoms and still not seeing results.

The point of sharing this with you is to encourage you to seek out your health, especially when you know something is wrong.

Find someone who will listen to you and not blow you off when all the test results are “fine.”

And shift from “fine” to flourishing.


Disclaimer: None of the advice shared on The Modern Domestic Woman or any of its platforms should be a substitute for professional clinical treatment.

While some of the contributors provide a narrative of their own mental health experience, the goal is to help the reader find supportive resources in their specific geographic location.

MDW reserves the right to remove any professional listing not abiding by the overall mission of providing healthy and positive resources for women.


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