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I don't recommend things willy-nilly at MDW, and only give shout outs to the people and products I love, use, and stand behind. From small businesses to big brands, I've rounded up a curated list of things I'm smitten with this week.

I'd love to know what's tickling your fancy lately! Leave a comment below and tell me - oh please, do tell!

I'm a big cheerleader for knockout "investment pieces" in my wardrobe. Moda Operandi has gorgeous high fashion accessories you'll be proud to bestow upon future generations of fashionistas. - Shop Moda Operandi jewelry -

#2 - All the seed varieties at Floret Flow Farm

A small family farm in Washington, founder Erin Benzakein and her team grow the most gorgeous flowers in the universe. - Shop Floret Flower Farm seeds -

#3 - Alive & Kicking podcast with Kay Eck

Author of Divorce: A Love Story, Kay Eck has found the best way to heal is to tell the truth of her own story and the best way to help is to listen to others. On the Alive & Kicking podcast, Kay speaks to guests about their path of waking up to the truth of who they really are, what they really want and why. - Listen Now -

Focusing in on healthy habits instead of quick fixes that easily fall to the wayside, DeeDee Mehren hosts 30 Days to Feeling Fabulous from January 11 – February 7, 2021.

#5 - Tipped Belted Cape from Ann Taylor

Ready to take your wardrobe to an inspired-level? Once we emerge from social detainment, this belted cape will polish any outfit from casual get-togethers to more formal jollifications (#moirarose). - Shop Here -

What are you smitten with this week? Sharing is caring and we love referrals, so comment below! xo, E


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