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5 Things We're Smitten With This Week

We don't recommend things willy-nilly at MDW, we only give shout-outs to the people and products we love, use, and stand behind. From authors and small businesses to big brands, we've rounded up a curated list of things we're smitten with this week.

We'd love to know what's tickling your fancy lately. Leave a comment below and tell us.

1. "Don't You Dare: Uncovering Lost Love" by Gayla Turner

Author Gayla Turner tells the compelling tale of discovering her grandmother’s hidden wedding photos dated June 8, 1915, and the journey to bring to light the true-life love story between two women that took place over a hundred years ago.

As these photos unveiled an awe-inspiring secret, Gayla Turner embarked on a seven-year journey to find out more about her grandmother and the woman standing next to her dressed as the groom.

The LGBTQ community loved and lived in the background of society, too dangerous to follow their hearts without the repercussions of physical violence, arrest, imprisonment, or being committed to mental institutions.

During her research to find the true story being her grandmother, Galya also uncovered a secret lesbian social club that was formed in the early 1900s by a local businesswoman. Women from as far away as Chicago traveled by train to the little farm town of Amherst, Wisconsin, to attend her exclusive parties.

A must-read, page-turner that has the reader desperately longing to change history, “Don’t You Dare” pierces the heart of anyone who has ever loved.

Learn more about Gayla Turner on her website and buy “Don’t You Dare” now on Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

#2 - Ann Sacks mosaic tile

#3 - Informative posts about being an Autistic adult from Kaelynn Partlow

Autistic Therapist and Advocate, Kaelynn Partlow. (Gorgeous image via Kaelynn's IG page)

#4 - Bloomberg article "The Work-From-Home Revolution Is Also a Trap for Women" by Anne Helen Petersen

#5 - The Scaredy Cat Sweater from Kiel James Patrick

What are you smitten with this week?

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