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Clean Living with Zoe Sherwin: Easy Toxic-Free DIY Cleaning Products

Sometimes the most fulfilling things in life are the smallest. 

Looking at a beautiful sunset, enjoying the smell of coffee brewing first thing in the morning, hearing your child’s laugh,  finding enough time to wipe down your counters, folding the laundry on the same day… ;)

Being a human is a hard, beautiful journey. Learning about products that add value to your life in a non-toxic way can not only take away added stress but also create a clean way of living that gifts future generations the knowledge of living their life in the safest way.


Here are some recommendations that I use to create cleaning products that foster a cozy, toxic-free, and comfortable space for my whole family. 

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap 

Image creidt, Dr. Bronner's

Say hello to the most versatile product you will find if you like to DIY your products. Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap can be diluted and used for hair, plants, dog wash, hand soap, dish soap, and multipurpose spray for counters, tubs, sinks, glass, and more. 

You can choose scented varieties (like lavender, almond, or citrus) or they have an original unscented version. The bottle offers easy instructions on how to dilute for each use. 

How I use it: For my kitchen counters, dining, and coffee tables, I love to add about 1/4 cup in a spray bottle and slowly fill the rest with warm water. Occasionally I add a few drops of my favorite essential oil and that's it! It works and smells great and is extremely cost-effective. 


Vinegar is one of the oldest fermented products that exist and has been dated back to 2000 BC. Its two primary uses were for medicine and cleaning. Due to its high acidity, vinegar disinfects while removing grease and dirt. This works WONDERS on mirrors and the glass on stoves and microwaves. Different infusions can be made with citrus fruit peels or even a few pieces of rosemary or evergreen. 

How I use it: Place chosen citrus skin or plants in a spray bottle, add 1/2 cup of isopropyl alcohol and 1/2 cup of vinegar, and fill the rest with water. Instead of adding fresh ingredients, you can opt for your favorite essential oil scents.

It's important to note: NEVER mix vinegar with hydrogen peroxide and never mix Vinegar with bleach. These combinations can create extremely toxic chemical gasses. 

Baking Soda 

It's almost hard to believe that ONE single ingredient can produce such an array of uses for so many different things. I've put a teaspoon of baking soda in my glass of water for heartburn and sprinkled it into my not-so-shiny stainless steel sink that has been neglected for 12 hours because, well, life. 

Baking soda always makes any surface look brand new. It provides great texture for deep cleaning when cleaning sinks, bathtubs, and inside ovens. It's also very effective for removing odors. Baking soda can be purchased almost anywhere and is typically under $5. 

How I use it: For a quick carpet refresh, pour a little on the surface and allow to sit for about 20- 30 minutes before vacuuming. Stinky fridge? Fill a bowl with baking soda to soak up food smells.

Finding fast, cost-effective recipes that actually work is a gift that keeps giving. I hope these three products bring you peace of mind as you work to create a healthier home.

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About the Author:

Zoe Sherwin is a mom of two and a fierce advocate for feminine health and body positivity. From a young age, Zoe's Greek grandparents played a large role in her life. They displayed constant reminders that the simple way of living truly creates joy and pride.

Zoe is passionate about creating a life free of chemical additives and enjoys sharing her discoveries of products.

When Zoe isn't playing with her babies or researching products, she is baking high-quality and organic cupcakes for her home business, Harmony Bloom Home Cakery.

Need help finding a clean swap? Message Zoe at


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