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Clean Living with Zoe: Healthier Sweets & Treats

Around the holidays, my level of anxiety goes way up thinking of the food, candy, and snacks at family events. Since becoming a mom, I’ve been on a mission to purchase healthier alternatives for my kids but found myself immediately overwhelmed walking down the grocery aisle.

The truth is, with all of the options that exist now it's extremely time-consuming and difficult to go through every ingredient on every item.

But it is a great feeling when you find a good brand or product that becomes a "go-to" for movie nights, family get-togethers, gifts, or treats.

As you work toward establishing healthier eating habits, start small. I started with one item swap a week. This made it easier for my kids to get used to the changes in the foods we consumed in our house.

And like everything that's worth it, this process takes time.

I’d love to recommend a few of my favorite swaps that are organic options without artificial additives.

Instead of classic lollipops try YUMEARTH Organic Pops

These are so cute and delicious for class gifts or to pass out at family events. YUMEARTH lollipops are certified organic and do not have artificial food coloring. They also have Vitamin C pops that boost your immune system and how cool is that?!

Instead of pre-packaged chocolate chip cookies try Heavenly Hunks

The serving size is technically one but, who's counting? These cookies from Heavenly Hunks are certified organic, dairy-free, vegan, so yummy, and the perfect snack if you're craving soft cookies. I buy these at Costco.

Instead of chocolate candies try Trader Joe’s Candy-Coated Chocolates

These cuties can be found at Trader Joe's and come in a pretty large bag. Made without corn syrup, red 40, yellow 5 and 6, and blue 1 dyes (all of which negatively affect our bodies) you’d never know these candy coatings contain fruit and vegetable juice, and turmeric.

We all deserve to eat safe food and have healthy options for every area of our lives. Small steps each week can get you closer to cleaner living minus the overwhelm of overhauling your entire pantry.

Need help finding safe, clean, and healthy options? Message me directly at


About the Author:

Zoe Sherwin is a mom of two and a fierce advocate for feminine health and body positivity. From a young age, Zoe's Greek grandparents played a large role in her life. They displayed constant reminders that the simple way of living truly creates joy and pride.

Zoe is passionate about creating a life free of chemical additives and enjoys sharing her discoveries of products.

When Zoe isn't playing with her babies or researching products, she is baking high-quality and organic cupcakes for her home business, Harmony Bloom Home Cakery.

Need help to find a clean swap for your pantry? Message Zoe at

1 Comment

Norma Bagain
Norma Bagain
Nov 23, 2023

Love the advice and the swap options. Surprised to see that there are healthy options for my sweet tooth!

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