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Collaborative photo essay creates #BlackLivesMatterAtHome

Coming together as creatives produces something powerful, almost divine in nature. Friends and colleagues Jason Saft and Hayley Ellen Day combed New York City during the lockdown, eager to learn and listen to people about the reality of the world we truly live in. Jason, a real estate agent who's not your typical domicile dealer, breaks the mold of boring home listings by transforming spaces into breathtaking before & afters with Staged to Sell.

Hayley, DDReps photographer, storyteller, graphic designer, and videographer, captures the soul of people and spaces, traveling the world to document the intimacy of life.

The pair got an idea. A brilliant one to merge their talents and combine their work into images that would bring about conversation to rally change in our homes - #BlackLivesMatterAtHome.

"In these challenging times, I've learned so much," said Jason. "I've also learned to stop talking and to truly and deeply listen to people about the reality of the world we live... and that we need to have real conversations at home with our family and friends in order to create the change we all need."

A collaborative photographic essay interweaving the importance of home with visual reminders of why we need to step up and speak up, everyday, to create the change we really need.

"We've ignored the truth for so long because it's easier to turn a blind eye to facts, to pain, to fear than it is to address it and take accountability for society's actions," explained Jason. "We can no longer continue to treat people as less than we treat ourselves." 

Committed to addressing difficult conversations and fostering homes that value humanity, Jason and Hayley bring a beautiful collaboration of enlightened living spaces - evolved for individuals and families who dig deeper into their hearts to establish a foundation of living rooted in love, equality, and respect.

How are you continuing the conversation to champion for love in your home?

Be sure to follow #BlackLivesMattersAtHome on Instagram.


#BlackLivesMattersAtHome a collaborative photographic essay by @DDReps @HayleyEllenDay @StagedToSellHome & @shannonDupre 


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