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Massage Therapy in St. Charles: Spotlight on Danielle Rohlwing-Morales

On a mission to help as many people feel safe and renewed, Danielle Rohlwing-Morales has spent over 19,000 hours working with clients as a licensed massage therapist in St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia, Illinois.

Danielle has been an enthusiastic life-long learner, always searching for ways to strategically curate exceptional treatment plans for her clients. Earning an AS in Occupational Therapy Assistant from McHenry County College and a BS in Kinesiology Exercise Science from Northern Illinois University has given Danielle the opportunity to expand her knowledge and thoughtfully work with a variety of clients to find relief from everyday pain.

The combination of 18 years of experience as a massage therapist and furthering her education equips Rohlwing-Morales with an overall focus towards optimal health and whole body wellness.

I love the diversity of community I serve," says Rohlwing-Morales. "One session could be working with a young athlete and the following clients can range from prenatal women to office workers who need therapy for repetitive body movements on the job."

Specializing in upper shoulder, neck and back discomfort to help clients be as active as possible in their daily lives, Rohlwing-Morales tailors each session based on her client's needs on that particular day.

"Our bodies hold on to so much more than we give them credit," explained Rohlwing-Morales."I want to help people through their wellness journey by providing a comfortable space for relaxation and decompression, no matter what brings them in for services."

Like many seeking therapy, clients can arrive for a session in pain or with some kind of barrier that keeps them from making the most of their daily lives. However, Rohlwing-Morales wants each person she meets to feel knowledgeable about their body, relieve pain, and experience the long lasting benefits of breaking down muscle tension.

"Unfortunately, one massage therapy session will not take away all the pain," shared Rohlwing-Morales. "Don't get me wrong, you will feel some relief, but there is value in consistent sessions."

The benefits of ongoing massage therapy include - pain management, increased immune function, improved mobility, stress relief, and a boost in mental health.

Similar to exercise, massage is at its most effective when practiced regularly. Rohlwing-Morales practices at Growing Wellness in St. Charles, Illinois, where she offers individual sessions and a monthly membership that allows clients to test other massage modalities like cupping and hot stone therapy.

"No matter what your desired therapy looks like - Swedish massage, prenatal, sports, deep tissue, pediatrics, pediatric massage for kids on the Autism Spectrum, or hot stone - we will work together to find the best treatment for your unique needs."
- Danielle Rohlwing-Morales

Learn more about Danielle's massage therapy services, including fully customized therapeutic massage sessions, at Growing Wellness. In addition to massage therapy, clients can find other holistic offerings like chiropractic care, acupuncture, and functional medicine provided by Dr. Kelly Dixon, DC, LMT, and Dr. Lauren Fairley, DC.


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