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MDW Founder on Alive & Kicking podcast with Kay Eck

I am honored to be on the Alive & Kicking podcast with Kay Eck where she talks to people about their path of waking up to the truth of who they really are, what they really want and why they came here.

"Breakdowns we experience aren't failures; they're accelerators to the breakthroughs. And, what we thought of as our disasters was later revealed as our deliverance. When we willingly step into the open space of real and vulnerable dialogue, healing becomes possible for us all." - Kay Eck

Show synopsis:

"A loving home with attentive parents did not preclude writer Elizabeth Rago from facing crippling anxiety after a series of traumatic events rocked her family. Her ongoing recovery journey has forced her to take a hard look at her herself, develop strategies for living well in a threatening world and create an online platform to lift and support other women in her hometown."


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