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MDW Holiday Gift Guide: Self-Care Edition

Happy December, my friends!

This season’s Holiday Gift Guide is like no other. Of course, it’s jam-packed with items and sentiments for giving, yet the intent is different.

As you know, I like to do things differently here at The Modern Domestic Woman (MDW).

When considering the theme of this year’s gift guide, I thought about the idea of giving the gift of self-care.

But the more I thought about self-care, and how that definition could mean something unique to everyone, the more excited I got to dig deep and explore all the ways we can celebrate others (and ourselves in the process) with a gift that will truly ease a burden, care for our bodies and homes, and bring peace to our daily existence rather than pull from it.

Peppered throughout the gift guide are women I know personally. Their wisdom is unparalleled and I am confident the takeaways in their articles will leave you with tools to help make your life a happy and more peaceful place to be.

Take a moment for yourself today and page through the guide. I hope it inspires and brings you ideas for self-care AND gift-giving.

xo, Elizabeth

Here's a sneak peek of a few of the 38 pages, so you know what to expect!


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