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Mental Health Party takes the stigma out of therapy

We all say we're "fine" - but are we really?

It’s been a TOUGH year and your mental health has understandably suffered. Stronger Therapeutic Counseling Services wants to help make your mental health a part of your everyday conversations and routines again. A good place to start is gathering with like-minded and supportive people. So why not a Mental Health Party?!

What to expect during this free event:

  • Hang out with therapists outside of the therapy room in a casual environment to learn how therapy really works and how it can help change your life.

  • Learn how therapy can create a better work + life balance and help you feel so much more than just fine.

When: June 23, 2021, at 6:30 PM Where: Cafe & Barr in Geneva, IL Cost: FREE Food/Bev: Light bites and a decadent beverage, plus some fun surprises

Therapy doesn’t have to be done in secret. Talking about your mental health with others can relieve so much stress and anxiety.

Specializing in helping women and teens with anxiety and depression, Kelly Jacobson and her team offer individual and group therapy, coaching, workshops, and more. Questions? Email Kelly at

**After reserving your space, you will be redirected to an Event Consent Form. Please be sure to sign and submit this form before closing your browser.


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