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Modern Domestic Moms : Podcast - Episode 4: ConMOMdrums & Good Wine

The most recent project of The Modern Domestic Woman, the Modern Domestic Moms Podcast presents two boisterous moms, broadcasting from a bedroom in the heart of the Midwest. Spend an evening diving into the mania of motherhood and all that goes into being a "modern mom" in the world today.

Because mommin' ain't easy... and you don't have to do it alone. Come sip with us!

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EPISODE 4: ConMOMdrums & Good Wine

In this super fun episode, Elizabeth and Stephanie enjoy our first FEATURE WINE from Brandon Allen, winemaker and founder of SLO Down Wines, and share our interview with him about his unique and entertaining approach to wine, marketing, and customer service. As we sip on our "Broken Dreams" Chardonnay, we explore the sticky situations us moms so often find ourselves in as we navigate the world of other moms and their kids.

Thanks for sending in your "conMOMdrums" this week! Please send in others that come to mind as you listen to the episode.

Feature Wine of the Week: SloDown Wines, Sexual Chocolate Red Blend and Broken Dreams Chardonnay.

Self-Care Suggestion Box: Decorate for Valentine's Day with some cute kid crafts, and engage in positive self-talk (Say two nice things about yourself this week!)

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