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Podcast Announcement: Modern Domestic Moms is LIVE - Episode 1: Mommy Milestones

The most recent project of The Modern Domestic Woman, the Modern Domestic Moms Podcast presents two boisterous moms, broadcasting from a bedroom in the heart of the Midwest. Spend an evening diving into the mania of motherhood and all that goes into being a "modern mom" in the world today.

Practical, irreverent, and honest, we explore all kinds of family and kid-related topics with a focus on the effects on the women who keep it all together: THE MOMS!

Join us for topical podcasts, relevant guest interviews, and straight-up girl talk as we enjoy our favorite wine and talk all things "MOM."

Because mommin' ain't easy... and you don't have to do it alone. Come sip with us!

You can find the Modern Domestic Mom podcast on your favorite podcast streaming platform:


EPISODE 1: Mommy Milestones 🏆

As moms, we're usually so focused on our kid's milestones that we forget what those mean for us! Modern Domestic Woman founder, Elizabeth Rago and her friend and neighbor Stephanie Donovan, discuss the stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to our kids reaching high school, and open up the conversation of how these kid milestones affect mom life.

Wine: @maquiswines Cabernet Franc

Self-care Suggestion Box: Take an epsom salt bath, give yourself a break (boundaries are magical)

Recipe Box:

Elizabeth -> Scones

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@MDMthePod on instagram & twitter

Please listen, comment, subscribe, and leave us a comment! We can’t wait to build this community with you!


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