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Power Women: Krista Svoboda of Oh Baby 3D/4D Ultrasound Boutique

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Having an ultrasound when I was pregnant with my three kiddos was similar to going through the drive-through at a fast-food restaurant. It would have been nice to enjoy the moments of “seeing” my baby without the pressure of the “get in and get out” vibe of the practitioners.

Years later, an abnormal finding on a breast exam brought me back to my gynecologist’s office. There I met Krista Svoboda, a licensed diagnostic medical sonographer, who took great care in guiding me through the process of rescanning via an ultrasound.

Naturally, we started talking about what we “do” and her desire to open a 3D/4D ultrasound boutique quickly entered the conversation. Intrigued, I had to ask Krista what prompted her to launch a business based on an elective medical procedure like prenatal ultrasound and was delighted to chat with her after my appointment about her newly launched business, Oh, Baby! 3D/4D Ultrasound in Sycamore.

Elizabeth Rago: Why would someone want to have a 3D/4D prenatal ultrasound?

Krista Svoboda: The stages of pregnancy are such a beautiful thing that many women are lucky to experience. In the world we live in, we want to provide all the best for our growing child. I think that a bonding experience with the family and the baby can be such a productive and enjoyable experience to prepare. Seeing the baby on ultrasound creates a real connection for many moms and their family members.

ER: Why you?

KS: I have such a passion for making the most of this beautiful experience for mothers and their families with a baby on the way. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing families create meaningful connections with their child that has not yet arrived. I know something special is happening when the client’s say, “She has my nose!” or “Look at him sucking his thumb like his brother!” and “That wasn’t his foot kicking that was his little butt!”

ER: Why now?

KS: I learned over time that ultrasound was my passion but nothing ever really quite fit for me. Throughout the years I have taught ultrasound at the collegiate level, scanned OB, gyne, breast, small parts, vascular, high-risk OB, abdomen, etc, and also been in management in the radiology field. I’ve had great experiences, however, I always knew there was something more that I had to offer. I created this business to provide a meaningful service to women and families. I launched my business because I want people to experience the intimate “meeting” of their child during an ultrasound — and not in a rushed environment. It’s what I love to do.

Image credit: (photography). Beauty & styling by msmelbeau.

ER: What misconceptions would you like to dispel about 3D/4D ultrasounds?

KS: We take as much time as needed to make each appointment a great experience. We allow everyone to enjoy the moment and, if we’re unable to capture the desired images, I offer a free “comeback session”.

In terms of questioning the safety of 3D/4D ultrasounds, everyone has their own opinion. I can speak only from my own personal and professional experience, that ultrasound has been the gold standard for imaging for growing babies for over 50 years. I have worked in high-risk obstetric offices for years where we sometimes have to scan a baby 3–4 times a week to monitor their health and there has never been a single instance where ultrasound proved to place any sort of harm to those children. In fact, for over 50 years after constant research, there has been zero proven cases where ultrasound has harmed a child (with data to prove it).

What I have seen is countless moments of bonding bringing mothers and families closer to their unborn child through ultrasound.

ER: What kind of roadblocks have you overcome to open your business?

KS: The idea of not being “good enough” and the uncomfortable reality of having to really put myself out there. I’m not only trying to build a business, but I am also trying to build a sense of community. I don’t want to limit myself at offering just a 3d/4d ultrasound studio. I want to continue to grow and adapt to provide a sense of community with local families and mothers.

ER: Which areas do you serve? KS: Primarily western Illinois. I have already served clients from Geneva, St. Charles, Batavia, Byron, Oswego, Crystal Lake, Aurora, Dekalb, Elburn, Morris… And I have even had friends come from my hometown of Cincinnati for a scan!

ER: What would you like to share about your company and service? KS: I want people to know that I am here to serve and support them. Although my website includes structured packages, I am happy to change or provide the mother or families ideal experience. I am very flexible and willing to cater to what they would prefer.

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For more information about Oh, Baby! 3D/4D Ultrasound, visit Krista’s business page at


A version of this interview was originally published on August 22, 2019, in the Kane County Chronicle.


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